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You’re here because you have a sense of adventure. Las Vegas is a city that is perfect for giving you a chance to live in the moment, let me help you forget your everyday worries and indulge in your fantasies.  I love to stimulate my mind with books about epidemiology, ballet performances, and museum trips. I enjoy giving in to my senses with islay scotch (the peatier and smokier the better), cigars, and Indian food. And I indulge my spirit with shared connections, cuddling, and laughter. If your tastes run a little bit spicier, I’m delighted to erase your cares from your mind with a full body massage, some light bondage and fetish play, or even deeper submission to a caring but exacting Goddess.


You don’t find yourself at the website of a woman with a mohawk if you’re not craving adventure, excitement, and passion. But what kind of experience is waiting for you? Let’s discover what lights our fires together! 


I want to get to know you, and I want you to get to know me. I’ve got a unique athletic beauty that you’ll never forget. And while I may look intimidating, I’m a nerdy, giggling delight at my core (really, let’s talk star trek or play MtG!). Laughter and sharing jokes is one of my biggest turn-ons. I would love to get to know each other, take you off the beaten path, and spend an afternoon exploring each other, mind body and soul. If that sounds like a fun way to spend some time, reach out via email!